Cordage: Polypro, Nylon, and Manila Rope












Cable Tech offers a broad selection of cordage with manila rope, polypro, and nylon selected as the most common. This table features application use of these popular choices:



Manila Strongest vegetable fiber. Handles and knots well. Good abrasion resistance. Low elongation. Absorbs up to 100% its weight in water. Store dry; it will rot and mildew. Use where high strength and elasticity are not of prime importance: general purpose rope for farm, home, industry, tree and tent ropes, utility rigging, and heavy marine.
Nylon Over twice the strength of manila. Excellent energy absorption under shock loading. Good abrasion resistance. Finest handling rope. Good resistance. Will not rot or mildew. Use where strength and elasticity are important: marine towing, anchor and mooring lines, slings, commercial fishing, utility ropes, pleasure marine.
Polypro Almost twice the strength of manila. Floats; will not decay or rot. Good resistance to acids, alkalies, and fine solvents. Fine energy absorption. Withstands abrasion well. Use where light weight, strength, and minimal stretch are important: Mooring lines, ski tows, pulling lines, general utility ropes.